Best Buy Management Misrepresent Federal Laws About Software Returns


In September 2008, at Best Buy Store #21 in Coralville, Iowa, a customer was sold a computer system with McAfee antivirus software pre-installed by store employees as part of a software bundle sold with the system. Although the antivirus was installed, it had not yet been activated.

The customer tried to activate the software, but it wouldn’t activate. Upon contacting McAfee, it was determined that a shipment of defective software was send to Best Buy stores across the nation.

Despite being informed of this fact, the store manager emphatically stated that a Federal Law prohibited them from providing a refund for software, and he refused to provide a refund.

In working with the Federal Trade Commission, we were able to prove that no such law existed, and we were able to get a full refund for the opened software.

At that time, Best Buy representatives promised that they would no longer strong-arm customers with fear tactics and false statements as a way to avoid honoring legitimate returns.

* * *

10 January 2014 – Update. We’re sorry to report that another incident almost identical to the one described above, has happened again at the same store with the store manager. Read More


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