Our Method

Building Strong Business Relationships. Rather than taking legal action against a company, we first explore every diplomatic avenue available to have reasonable requests and concerns properly addressed. We believe that everyone is better served by giving businesses an opportunity to take corrective action on their own. In building relationships with businesses, we don’t feel we are diminishing our commitment to defend consumer rights. We feel that positive relationships with businesses allow us to have more effective results than if we were in an adversarial relationship with businesses. By helping businesses become more ethical and responsible, we proactively create a better world for consumers.

Our Proactive Approach Works – And Everyone Benefits. Unlike some ‘ambulance chasing’ lawyers or opportunistic alarmists, we’re out to proactively prevent disputes rather than wait for them to happen. That’s why we diligently research business practices and then notify businesses if they are not in compliance with general guidelines or applicable laws. This helps clear the way for positive customer relations and reduces our work load considerably – since an ‘ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Most businesses appreciate this approach and are quick to address and rectify potential problems.

Research, Advocacy, Awareness, Prevention, Support

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