Our Success

As a result of generous support and donations, we’ve taken on corporate giants and won disputes such as:

  • Agriprocessors Sholom Rubashkin Meat Packing Plant. When a small family-owned locally-run meat packing plant in rural Iowa came under attack from the animal rights group Peta, news spread to Jerusalem and around the world. We sent a vegetarian to the plant to report first-hand about how the plant was being operated. The results of our findings were startling. [more]
  • Apple.
    • iPhone 4. When the iPhone 4 was reported as having an antenna design flaw, we investigated and reported on the issue. [more]
    • iTunes. In working with top legal counsel for Apple we negotiated to have some songs previously only available in album compilations for $9.99 to be sold individually for 99 cents. An example is the song American Pie by Don McLean which was originally only available for $9.99 with the purchase of an album. The song is now available individually for 99 cents. (Fall 2003)
    • MacBook Pro. When Apple MacBook Pro notebooks began exhibiting a possible heat induced damage, we investigated and reported on the issue. [more]
  • Best Buy. In negotiating on behalf of a customer, by contacting the Federal Trade Commission, we were able to uphold the customer’s right to return a non-working opened software program. (September 2008)
  • Coca-Cola. When Coca-Cola had been making false health claims about the connection between sugar and diabetes, we reported on it. Days later, they took their statement off the Internet. (12 April 2015)
  • eBay. When the seller of a vehicle lists their car on eBay Motors, they are notified of the advertising cost for the listing. However, at no point during the listing process is the seller notified of an additional $125 fee charged for each car sold. The practice of having hidden/undiclosed fees is misleading. In one case, the CDRG successfully had the fee refunded to the seller, and pressure was put on eBay to disclose this fee with the other advertising costs during the listing process. (October 2008)
  • Fake News Websites as Advertising. In September 2012, we were the first consumer organization to investigate and report on fake news websites being used as advertising. Our early reporting on this, and efforts to raise consumer awareness about the issue, helped lead to FTC action that shut down these operations. (September 2010 – March 2012)
  • Get Motivated. We’re currently engaged in an effort to make this organization comply with Federal Guidelines regarding unsolicited junk email. (December 2008)
  • Progressive. As an auto insurance company, Progressive is considered to be one of the best, but even the best can make mistakes. From May 2008 through February 2009, Progressive charged a customer for a named operator policy and led the customer to believe that the policy would cover rental cars. Fortunately no claims were filed. When the customer found out that the policy didn’t cover rentals, Progressive initially refused to offer a refund. Ultimately, the CDRG persuaded Progressive to refund the customer over $300 (the full amount charged for insurance for that 10 month period. (March 2009)
  • Qwest Communications. In advocating for rural Iowa customers, we were able to request delivery of high speed Internet DSL services to an area where Qwest said they could not and would not provide DSL service. (March 2006)
  • ShopToEarn | ShopToEarth. We are currently conducting a proactive review and evaluation of this company. No complaints have been received thus far.
  • Sprint. Over a period of more than a year, a customer continued to be charged for Sprint wireless service even though the phones had been ported to another carrier. Sprint took collections action against the customer, demanding payment, and threatened to damage the customer’s credit history. After repeated negotiations and follow-ups with numerous Sprint employees over many months, the CDRG ultimately scored a victory in this case and our client was awarded the $27.29 that was due to them. (October 2008)
  • Xerox. When a Xerox Color Phaser 8500N printer repeatedly required maintenance due to failing components, after five years, in an unprecedented victory, we were able to have the printer replaced at no charge with a current model. This case extended from 2005 to 2011 and was only won through meticulous documentation and persistence. (October 2005 to October 2011)

Tough Cases – Important Victories. In some cases, where businesses are engaged in deception and fraud, we’ve contacted local law enforcement, state agencies, consumer groups, the media, and federal authorities to request intervention and action.

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