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Company Reviews. Investigative journalists are typically unwilling to allow those they are investigating to have editorial influence over their story. However, at the CDRG, our investigative reporters are courteous enough to keep companies in the loop and whenever possible, allow interactive involvement in story development. By giving companies an opportunity to take corrective measures, we make it possible for companies to have a great deal of influence over what is reported about them. This helps reduce unnecessary, avoidable, and irresponsible ‘muckraking’ about companies that are actually quite willing to improve if given an opportunity. Most businesses appreciate this approach. This allows us to offer business reviews that are accurate, thorough, and also respectful. However, don’t confuse us with your local Chamber of Commerce or Advertising Agency. Protecting consumers is our primary objective. It’s just that we feel helping businesses improve, is one of the best ways to do this.

Guidelines for Company Review Consideration. Because of our focus on reforming business, for us to consider researching a company, it must show promise for improvement and long-term success. If before or during the process of our research we determine that a company shows little hope of improving because its employees and management are severely incompetent, stubborn, and/or incapable of engaging in meaningful dialog, we will not invest significant energy or resources in trying to reform that company. In such cases, we realize it is unlikely that any amount of effort on our part can help them. We are not a law-enforcement agency. Therefore, we do not have an interest in dealing with companies that have a high likelihood of being involved with organized crime. We are not interested in expending our resources trying to defend ourselves against those who are malicious, threatening, and dangerous.

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