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South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission Impacts U.S. Software Returns

For years, some retailers have falsely claimed that they can’t provide a refund for software products because a federal law prohibits returns of software.

Most consumers don’t know any better, so they take a loss on software that’s been falsely advertised, poorly written, or not compatible with their computer.

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has ordered Apple to change their “no-refund” policy for software sold through the App store:

Apple and Google have been ordered by South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission to revise their “no-refund” app store policies in addition to a number of other provisions, reports The Korea Herald. In response to the ruling, Apple reportedly stated that it would consider applying a revised App Store policy worldwide, with Korean officials requiring that Apple send a notice users when its terms and conditions have changed.

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Olive Garden – Exceptional Customer Service


On 15 October 2013 we ordered dinner for take-out from Olive Garden in Coralville, Iowa. When we got home, we realized the Ravioli di Portobello didn’t have any sauce.

We called the store and explained what happened. The person answering the phone suggested we talk to the manager. The manager asked what we had ordered and where we lived, the offered to have the entire dinner delivered.

“You don’t deliver, though, do you?” I asked, wondering how they would get the food to us.

The manager said she’d get one of her employees to deliver the dinner to us. We received the entire dinner within minutes.

We also were given a $30 gift certificate.

Now that’s amazing service!